If you have to ask yourself if the new tattoo you just got done is supposed to look like that, then chances are you got yourself a pretty shitty tattoo. If you have to ask yourself if the new tattoo you just got is supposed to be leaking pus like that, then chances are you need to be quarantined in a hospital as patient zero. 

Cheap tattoos are usually a packaged deal, and although 2-in-1 offers are a great bargain, they're not that great of an offer when you get both a sad looking Lola Bunny with lopsided boobies just begging for the sweet release of death tattoo AND tetanus. 

Let this serve as a warning for all of you who think that a $10 tatoo is worth it. 

1. I bless the rain down in Africa. 


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2. The angel of death ain't lookin' so hot these days. 


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3. Your poor fiance. 


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4. Fly freely, brother. 


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5. Don't want to be part of your world.


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6. Slash is looking pretty good these days. 


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7. Fuck it. 


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8. What a lovely throw rug.


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10. At the end of the rainbow, all you'll find are turds. 


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11. This poor woman.


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12. Badman and Penguin have produced this terrible child.


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13. Oh boy. 

13 Terrible Tattoos That Probably Need Medical Attention ASAP

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