It's no secret that there is some INSANE markup on many products when you go out to eat. But some of the specific seedy stuff going on might surprise you and these 13 people are here to spill the marked up beans.

1. BlackWizard69YourMom -- Oh damn, this is some sketchy stuff, chip industry. 

Used to work in a chip factory when we ran plain chips all the same chips went into the "name brand" on one line then right next to it would be the "value chips" with 2/$1 stickers on them

2. Chillhardy -- You're paying for the fun name, though. 

A medium flavored coolatta (slushee drink) is 5 dollars. Five dollars for 3 squirts of flavoring then mixed with shaved ice.

3. golden_blaze -- Luckily I do. 

Soda. In order to get your money's worth of a McDonald's medium soda, you would have to fill your cup up 16 times.

4. Uhohflaksmd -- Yeah, I think people are aware, but what are we gonna do? 

The margin on popcorn is ridiculous.

5. BelieveInTheShield -- But you look like an insane person ordering 2 kids meals with no kids at your table. 

I work at a restaurant where a kids chicken strip is like $7, and the regular/adult is $16. The kids comes with 3 strips and a side of fries, the regular is 5 strips with the same portion of fries. You can literally get 2 kids portions and come out with an extra strip and double the fries for $2 less.

6. PM_UR_NUDES_4_RATING -- Never leave the house. Problem solved. 

The profit margins on drinks is usually ludicrously high no matter where you go.

7. Lowcal_calzone_z0n3_ -- Phew, good thing I've never order a healthy thing from KFC before. Bullet dodged.

i used to work at kfc. biggest rip off was the green beans. theyre just the jumbo sized canned green beans with onion seasoning, microwaved. it was almost $3 for a pint. you can buy a can of green beans for like 50 cents.

8. Jonny2284 -- Brand loyalty is no joke. 

Long time since I worked in the food industry so I don't know if this still holds true, but around 2005 every uk supermarket (except Morrisons) had their salmon encroute produced by the same company on the same line by the same people. One of my jobs was literally stopping the line and changing the sleeve to a different supermarkets one. Same fish, same sauce, same pastry, same lattice, even the same plastic tray just a different sleeve. 

Naturally this never stops people insisting the Tesco one was shite and the M&S one was just better somehow because it was double the price.

This extended to 90% of non fresh fish products but brand loyalty still reigned supreme.

9. i_like_lurking8 -- I love creating waste, is the thing. 

Bottles of water. I deliver pizzas where water is 100% fine to drink out of taps, yet people still buy them. They are ridiculously overpriced as well.

10. fullpowrtothemoon -- The secret is to learn to love boiling water, plain. So much money saved.


You can buy 100 teabags for the same price as a cup of tea. Also boiling water is free at most coffee shops if you ask.

11. alittlebitcheeky -- "Gbread" as those in the industry call it.

Garlic Bread. In most restaurants the Gbread is just yesterdays bread slathered in garlic butter and passed through a toaster. Costs maybe 50c a serve but we'll sell it for $5. If the restaurant doesn't sell or provide fresh bread, it's yesterdays bread from the bakery down the road.

It IS really fucking good though, toasts better if you use day old bread.

12. JaysonKnocks -- Don't knock the blue box.

Kids Mac n's $5 for some good ol blue box

13. Youtoo2 -- Damn, and Stouffers aint cheap to begin with. 

I worked in a pizzeria. People loved our lasagna and asked me if I made it myself. Yes I did. I pulled the Stouffers Frozen lasagna out of the freezer, cut a slice and stick in the microwave. It was about a 10x markup in price.