In what's gotta be an attempt to get customers in their establishment past 1PM, IHOP has changed their name to IHOB, which stands for....

International House of Burgers. But if it is more business they seek, they must first endure two handed dunks from everyone on Twitter...

...including other major brands. Enjoy.

1. Netflib and chibb

2. Love that we live in a society where Waffle House quotes Bruce Lee to IHOP to own them online

3. I mean if no one has it...

4. Whatastupidthingtodo

5. You have earned that right MoonPie

6. Cold as a Frostee

7. Low effort A&W, low effort

8. Denny's out here tweeting Grand Slams

9. Drag them, you massive corporation

10. Seems fair

11. Wiped the floor with ya and then wiped them Windows bitch