In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to hear from our LGBTQ+ readers, so we posed asked some questions on Twitter and shared our favorite responses. Enjoy! 

Being LGBTQ+ you hear a lot of the same stuff over and over again. Most of it is fine, or maybe even welcome! Some, however, are not the greatest things in the world to hear. For this reason we went to Twitter and posed the following question: 

Below are some of our favorite answers: 


2. what feels right to you, maybe:

3. Hrm...seems like God only does that for a select group of people then:

4. They've probably thought about this more than the person asking the question: 

5. Because the most important thing is grammar: 


7. What an appropriate question: 

8. Imagine asking this question to literally anyone else: 

9. Because straight people have to have sex with everyone they've ever been attracted to: 

10. Just let people be who they are: 

If you have stories of your own, head on over to Twitter or share them in the comments below because we'd love to hear them. Happy pride everyone!