13 People Share Their Most

The single life can be...depressing. Some people thrive without another person in their life, but for many, things can fall apart - there's less imperative to take care of yourself, to go out and be social, and to act like a functioning person who lives in a society. And while you may feel comfortable and fine in the moment, sometimes you look back and realize "Oh god....that was REALLY single of me, huh?" And it's hard to imagine more extreme "single moments" than the ones submitted to this r/AskReddit thread...

1. And the best part is that you never have to wash your teeth! Oh wait hold on I'm being told that you DO need to clean your teeth. Nevermind. (from Outlawe)

Didn't want to dirty a knife to fry an egg so I bit a chunk of butter off the stick and spit it in the pan.

2. The randos on Tinder would appreciate the honesty, I think. (from GoddamnDelight)

RSVPed to a friend's wedding with my plus-one as "Some Rando from Tinder" and she put it on a seating card.

FYI: The bride was my best friend and she was in on the joke so she wasn't out money for the plate. Please calm yourselves, seat justice warriors.

3. The most single thing ever, or the most WONDERFUL thing ever? You decide. (from cliffwich)

Ate $20 worth of Popeyes and drank an entire bottle of Champagne on my couch, under a blanket, watching Alien and Aliens, on Valentine's Day, alone.

4. Time to cuddle... (from goatsofwrath_v2)

My TV remotes had a space on the other side of the bed for waaaay too long

5. I really hope you cleaned your floor afterwards. (from Stugehh)

I sat on the floor of my studio appartment eating leftovers straight from the pot at 5am completely naked the light in the fridge being my only light source.

6. This is almost literally a Key & Peele sketch  (from caring_gentleman)

Ordered food to be delivered for myself that was easily enough for 2-3 people. Restaurant called back to say they had sold out of an item so I pretended to ask someone in the background what they would like instead. I've also ordered just wine to be delivered from restaurants many times and have acted like I was not drinking alone.

7. I have no idea who this person is but I want to hug them. (from TonyDanzer)

Bought myself a cupcake and sang happy birthday to myself at midnight on my birthday

8. Listen....even people in relationships do this. (from LargeMonty)

Eat microwaved food over a sink

9. To be fair, who doesn't like sleeping in a taco? (from onishi87)

My bed has warped into a taco from sleeping in the center for so long

10. See, that's just being EFFICIENT. (from Turrbo_Jettz)

Took a shit completely nude with the door open while eating from a box of pizza on the bathroom sink

11. This is the single equivalent of a bad break-up. (from mommysababy)

Used my vibrator so much I broke it.

12. To be fair, heart-shaped pizzas are the only thing that can make you feel better being single on Valentine's Day. (from iWatchCrapTV)

Ordered myself a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's Day.

13. Single life ain't all bad - just depends on your perspective. (from RestroomRavager)

Ordered a couple large pizzas, both for me, got a couple bags of chips and some soda. Ate all of it in bed over the course of 12 hours while watching Netflix. If I had been with someone else you could call it relationship goals but nope.