As if Elon Musk wasn't a character enough already, always saying shit like this...

...doing shit like this...

...even laying off a ton of people at Tesla, only to be thanked by fired employees for doing so...

...the man has been made even more cartoonish by Alex Arbuckle, a man who's once verified Twitter account has been comprimised for the sake of a bit that takes the shittiest parts of Elon Musk and mashes them up with a good ol' fashioned stereotypical Italian voice ala @nycguidovoice...

...which in turn gives us Italian Elon Musk.

To date, not even Musk himself has created something as revolutionary, as game changing, as iconic as Alex Arbuckle has done with Italian Elon Musk. You're move Elon. 

1. I've decided it will cost $500 dollars

2. All people can be made obsolete

3. The three words every woman longs to hear

4. I demand new pastas, take every cent I've got

5. Paisan

6. Just be careful of all the meatballs

7. The Curiosity Rover's main mission: is the planet RAGU

8. Que bella

9. Them's the breaks when you are a mere pawn in Musk's chess game

10. So epic. Take all my upvotes!!

11. When the Grimes hits your eyes like'a big pizza pie

12. Also flamethrowers and a comedy website called Thud! for some reason

13. A little too long in the ol brick oven

14. Hopefully that man driving the car doesn't hit it

15. Has technology gone too far?

16. Ayyyyyy itsa worth it