10 Funny Tweets To Start Your Day Off Right

Twitter can be a rough place - there's lots of harrassment, Nazis, threats, and general arguing and drama that you find in most places online. But also? Some pretty funny people, making some pretty funny tweets. Here are some of the best ones lately:


1. This alien hunt is turning into a witch hunt!

2. Listen - the business runes don't lie.

3. Still, would be nice to get rid of those Nazis.

4. Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?

5. 1st largest American Smurf collection guy DEFINITELY was getting laid that night.

6. Pickituppickituppickituppickitup

7. Oh....OH SHIT.

8. Please dude. You were born for this day.

9. 2018 is a pretty weird year.

10. Please, everyone, meet my new child.