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When we're young, we know next to nothing about sex. Maybe we get an awkward talk from our parents or read a horribly awkward book, but for a lot of us sex-ed is where we learn all the good stuff. So naturally, teachers of said sex-ed classes are gonna hear a buttload of dumb, entertaining questions. Here's 12 of the best/worst ones they heard:

1. Meowmers4224 -- But seriously, what if?

Someone in my 7th grade class said "what if you pee in the butthole" and everyone busted out laughing

2. kev4330 -- There's still hope for you, little one. 

Not a teacher but a fellow student at the time. A guy asked her if size mattered when it comes to sex. The teacher replied no and reassured the class it was okay no matter the size. Then the guy that asked the question looked down at his crotch and said out to the class "Hear that little guy?" Everyone was crying their eyes out from laughter.

3. couchstank -- Fear not, you did not just give yourself a bj.

Not a teacher but one guy in my class years ago asked: "If a girl is sucking my penis, and I ejaculate in her mouth, and give her a kiss afterwards, is it like sucking your own penis?"

Our sex-ed teacher was blind, but you could still tell in her eyes that she was fucking stunned. The answer was "no".

4. MrsGoatess -- Damn, set her up good. 

As a teacher, I was about six months pregnant when a pair of high school girls asked me, "Can you have sex while you're pregnant?" I answered honestly that yes, one can as long as doctor says the pregnancy is normal and one can comfortably do so. They were absolutely scandalized. The looks they gave me for weeks were silently screaming, "MrsGoatess all big and pregnant is having sex!"

5. DieMilkweed -- Well that's possibly concerning. 

While student teaching I had taken over the sex ed unit. In one of those transition moments when everybody starts chatting, a 12 year old girl in the front asks me "Why do boys always cum first?"

6. dely5id -- 1.5 glugs.  

Student: What is the approximate volume of a male ejaculation?

Teacher: About a sip.

7. adsadsadsadsads -- That question has gotta come up a lot. 

I am a teacher, but I don't teach sex ed. When I was at school, boys and girls were split off into same-sex lessons on "bodies, sex and relationships". 

At the end of the session on how sperm travels through the vagina and uterus, ending in fertilisation, one lad put his hand up and said "OK, I understand that, but what about when sperm enters the body orally?" like it was the most insightful and perceptive question in the world. 

I can still remember the teacher's effort to compose herself before answering, it was brilliant.

8. bigmike2k3 -- She has sinned. 

I went to a pretty conservative Catholic grade school and our sex ed (or "reproductive education" as it was called) was, as you might expect was pretty conservative. It stressed abstinence before marriage, masturbation as a sin, etc... The class a year behind me had a kid who was weird, mostly misunderstood, but weird... They were discussing virginity and waiting until marriage and weird kid raises his hand. Teacher stops and calls on him, she was young, unmarried, and pretty hot (many of the middle school boys had a crush on her...). In full deadpan he asks, "So, are you a virgin?" Cute silence in the room... Red-faced teacher composes herself and says that is not appropriate. He shoots back, "So, that's a no..." He was suspended for a week and every student knew that their teacher fucks...

9. IMissJerry4295 -- That is just ammo. Insult ammo. 

Student here. Teacher admitted losing his virginity at age 33. Not that there's something wrong with that when you tell an adult, but when you tell it to 20 fifteen year olds who barely respect you as it is, it doesn't end well.

10. Gingercuddles -- Had to look it up. Sure.

Am a teacher, the weirdest one wasn't weird because of assumptions, but because I'd never thought about it. Two girls had a passionate discussion during sex ed, whispering fiercely. One decided "We can ask miss Gingercuddles. Miss, why do women bleach their anus?" They both were dead serious, looking at me with big eyes. I had to look it up.

11. aegroti -- Haha, I mean sure, kinda sounds like something that could happen? 

I wasn't a teacher but my mum was.

She once spoke how a bunch of twelve year olds thought you got circumcised the first time you had sex. Like your foreskin would rip off when you lost your virginity.

I can sort of see the logic, sort of similar to people thinking the hymen breaks the first time when a girl has sex.

12. fartbox_mcgilicudy -- Oh snap. 

When I was a student a smart ass friend of mine asked in a sex ed class "What is the plural of the word Penis?". The old codger of a teacher didn't miss a beat and answered "You'll probably never have to deal with more than one at a time."