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To say that the internet has made a good chunk of the populace go completely insane and behave irrationally would be the understatement of the century - this incredible tool that allows for endless information sharing and communication is mostly used for people to get horny and threaten / get mad at complete strangers. Case in point: the Twitter account belonging to a restaurant called "The Red Hen"...in Washington DC.

See, recently a DIFFERENT Red Hen restaurant (one located in Lexington, VA) made waves in the news for politely asking Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave the establishment, as much of the staff did not feel comfortable serving someone they viewed as a mouthpiece for an administration hellbent on ruining their lives and spreading hate. Since then, this formerly little-known restaurant has become THE wedge issue in modern politics - with the political left praising the restaurant and wanting to eat there, while the political right has, uh, done the exact opposite of that (e.g. doing their damndest to ruin Red Hen's Yelp page). Also, getting insanely mad at a separate, unaffiliated restaurant that just so happens to share the name "Red Hen" on Twitter.

Because the internet is INSANE. People are incessantly tweeting angrily at a restaurant that has NOTHING TO DO with the other restaurant they're mad at - no matter HOW MANY TIMES they explain that they could not legally deny service to anyone based on political affiliation EVEN if they wanted to (due to legal regulations in the DC area). Thankfully, whoever runs @RedHenDC seems to have a sense of humor about all of this. First, by DESPERATELY trying to explain to people what "unaffiliated" means...

And then, just by owning morons who don't understand that two things can have the same name and not be related:

God bless whatever poor social media intern has been stuck manning a (previously) unknown restaurant Twitter account, and has - for several days now - had to fend off a frothing mob of insane people with no concept of reason.

Meanwhile, their (unaffiliated) Yelp page is ALSO getting bombed by dipshits who can't tell the difference between different locations. Good luck, Red Hen DC - you'll need it!


Red Hen / Yelp

So remember folks - don't get mad at restaurants online (because, seriously, you should find better ways to spend your freetime). But if you ARE going to get mad at restaurants, AT LEAST GET MAD AT THE RIGHT ONE.