It's time to stop asking for nudes and start asking for puns as a way to break the ice on your dating website of choice. Your success rate will improve by 99.9% AND it's a great well to tell if someone has a good sense of humor or not.

Or is possibly a dad (since dad jokes are 98% puns and 2% his own laughter).

1. Is there anything sexier than a food fight?

great tinder puns: food puns!

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2. They're being breadly serious. 

great tinder puns: loves bread? pretty doughpe

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3. He's in it for the long haul. 

great tinder puns: dad bod or...father figure

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4. This interaction is a real page-turner.

great tinder puns: bookmark to keep track of paige

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5. This man will make her rich some day. 

great tinder puns: a nicole for every time...

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6. This is what it looks like when Adam and Eve started Sexting. 

great tinder puns: get your ass eden

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7. This is how you ensure you have offspring to carry on your legacy. 

great tinder puns: give you a son later

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8. I've never believed in soulmates until now.

great tinder puns: chicken puns

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9. Stupid autocorrect!

great tinder puns: hyperbole

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10. They fit together like door and bell. 

great tinder puns: doorbell

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11. Smooth move, nerd. 

great tinder puns: chess puns lead to d8

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12. Talk Poké to me. 

great tinder puns: angela pokemon you catch ></p>
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13. This guy is a goddamn stallion.  

great tinder puns: equine puns

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14. Great, I'll pick you up at 8 p.m. on my unicycle. 

great tinder puns: most important thing about unicycling is attire

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