Being a nice guy is great and truly what every man should strive to be. But being a self-proclaimed "nice guy" is another thing. That's when you get these guys who think they're entitled to women and act absolutely insane when they don't get their way. Here's 11 examples of cringey 'Nice Guys' at their worst:

1. "You missed your chance whore" - a nice guy

creepy 'nice' guys

genebby /

2. Alright Tyler has some issues for sure.

creepy 'nice' guys: big boy friend

 itsaani /

3. Nice save.

creepy 'nice' guys: late night texting

saarenan /

4. Give me nuggets or give me DEATH.

creepy 'nice' guys

Nomomochick /

5. How dare this person not accept gifts from a random on the street!

creepy 'nice' guys

Dwoolfa /

6. Your app simply must be broken.

creepy 'nice' guys: bumble profile fail

kambui /

7. Male beta orbiter?

creepy 'nice' guys: male beta orbiter

spaghetti8132 /

8. All the nicest of nice guys end their sentences with SLUT

creepy 'nice' guys: mere nudes request

rona666 /

9. Oh boy.

creepy 'nice' guys: sadboy song

Nukkajames /

10. Sounds like the actions of a very sane and reasonable Nice Man!

creepy 'nice' guys: snitch

big_man_2 /

11. Well put!

creepy 'nice' guys: friend zone

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