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Internet star turned everything star, Bo Burnham, recently wrote and directed the film 8th Grade, a film about a 13-year-old and her struggle through adolescence. It's not out in full release but the reviews thus far have been great. Earlier today, Bo did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to chat about the movie and honestly...pretty much anything. If you've ever wondered what Bo is like when he's not on stage, now is your chance to find out.

For the entire AMA/more indepth questions and answers about 8th Grade click here, otherwise check out some of the highlights below.

1. We are all psychotic.

Hey Bo! 

Was there ever a single point in your career that you thought "I've made it" as an actor/comedian? Was it before or after you decided to turn down Harvard to pursue your dream? Thanks! 

Also, Make Happy is still my all time favourite comedy special. Can't wait to see Eight Grade.

Dchox /

You know, that was a problem for me for a long time. Believing that I hadn't MADE it yet or I wasn't a REAL COMEDIAN. I think its especially prevalent for people that makes things online. That making youtube videos isn't REAL. It took me a long time to realize that I'd been real the whole time, and the thing that I am pursuing was the thing I was pursuing doing theater in sixth grade. Do you write? You're a writer. Do you act? You're an actor. I'd say don't wait to get some arbitrary version of success or attention for you to believe that you are doing the thing. You really can start enjoying it right away. You don't have to wait to be good. The process of doing it is the process of becoming better not being good. I am now looking at your question and realizing you never asked for advice. Am I psychotic? Perhaps!

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2. (He's not jk)

Where do you get your sense of humour from? Any specific inspiration?

alcaraf  /

Mostly my family. My family is very funny. Where do you get your pretentious spelling of the word humor? jkjkjk

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3. It's the safest place.

Where do you keep your awards?

PlasticJesters /

On the shelf that's strapped to the front of my assistant.

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4. Sick, we can still be aggressively weird, got it.

How do you like and dislike to be approached by fans, if at all?

If I were to ever meet you, I would love to say hi, but I would hate to offend or overwhelm you because you are a person, just like all of us.

Been a fan for a long time and I think Eighth Grade is absolutely moving and inspirational, just the same as everything you've done before. As a songwriter myself, you have my undying respect as an artist.

NoahMendell /

95% of people that come up to me are super chill and nice. I'm happy to have someone say hey and take a picture or whatever. It's only weird when it's aggressively weird but even that's fine. And appreciate the kind words, good luck with the songwriting!

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5. Whoops.

Funniest moment on set?

dft_ba /

I made a kid do nine belly flops in the pool scene and then cut it from the film. Sorry!

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6. If you get inside joke tattoos, it is ok to pirate a movie illegally. It's the law.

Wow. Thank you this is an honor. I hope the film gets there legally, but you have more than earned the right to watch it illegally if it doesn't.

imgabrielcaldas  /

Wow. Thank you this is an honor. I hope the film gets there legally, but you have more than earned the right to watch it illegally if it doesn't.

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7. Gotta know bout them dogs.

How's your dog?

fuck_red /

The best boy that ever lived.

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8. From user: CorporalButtermilk

Have you ever actually burned a ham or is your last name meaningless?

CorporalButtermilk /

Have you buttered milk fuckface?

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9. Please don't search old tweets, anything but that.

is there anything you regret about starting your stand up career as a teenager?

burnerxxxburner /

No. I believe in the butterfly effect and I worry that if I changed anything I would not be here today and I'm very grateful for where I am. Some of it (most of it) is embarrassing but I think it's nice to have my growth as a writer documented. But please don't fire me for my old shit, I disavow everything I did before last Tuesday.

boburnhamAMA /

10. Like looking in a mirror.

Old, low-quality pic, but I've been told many, many times I look like you. One time I even convinced a drunk college kid that I was actually you.

Have you ever convinced anyone that you were actually me?

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