chaotic good irl: kindaps nurses to provide vaccinations

D&D alignment charts are 100% my jam - it's just kinda fun imagining what 'class' people fall into, especially stuff like Nicolas Cage characters (hint: they are MOSTLY chaotic). And the best alignment of all is easily Chaotic Good - we're talkin' Tony Stark, Finn from Adventure Time, Oliver Queen and more. The rebellious do-gooders who just can't seem to follow any set of rules society lays down for them. But maybe I should back up and offer a more formal explanation of what "chaotic good" actually means (from easydamus):

A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.

Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit.

Chaotic good can be a dangerous alignment when it disrupts the order of society and punishes those who do well for themselves.

And  thanks to this r/askreddit thread, we got to hear about REAL LIFE moments of witnessing chaotic good behavior - perhaps the rarest, but most EXCITING, behavior in existence...

1. I love this ANTI-BULLY bully. (from WakaFlakkaSeagulls)

Kid I went high school with was a 2 time state champion wrestler. He was terrifying, built like a brick shit house by the time he was 14, by the time he was 18 he was a solid wall of muscle. He was also a vicious prick, highly aggressive, and a big time other bullies

This kid would beat the ever loving shit out of anyone who fucked with someone that couldn't defend themselves. If he saw a bigger kid fucking with a smaller kid, they were toast. Dude was the fucking superman of my school. If anyone was giving you shit, you went to him. He'd take care of it after school.

2. +1 respect to the pangolin liberator (from geopolit)

Was at a market in Mozambique with a guide. Guide asks stall seller if he has any "really fresh" pangolin (illegal as hell and endangered). Seller shows him a box with two live ones. Guide turns to me and yells "run," punches the seller, grabs the box, and books it across the market toward where we had parked. He released the critters later that day. It was an interesting trip.

3. If you are super rich and don't need to work, this is 100% how you need to be spending your time (from needs_more_zoidberg)

When I was still in my medical training in west hollywood, I often saw an middle-aged gentleman putting coins into expired meters. The one time I saw a meter maid try to approach him he ran off giggling. A few months later I saw him at a stop sign in Maserati. Basically the definition of chaotic good.

4. The greatest methhead since Jesse Pinkman (from livedadevil)

I watched this methed out dude tweaking hard for a bit in a mall, just like pacing and twitching and muttering, then this dude bolts out of a store with shoes in his arms (obviously stolen) and the methhead clotheslines him and yells a victory scream before security came in.

Sadly he got banned from the mall iirc

5. Spraypainting dicks for the betterment of society (from PantomimeWitch)

I remember a few years ago there were some rogue vigilantes that spray painted images of dicks into pot holes that had gone unfixed for too long. The potholes were fixed shortly after thanks to their dick-graffiti

chaotic good irl: draws penises around potholes

The Verge

6. Dogs, in general, are the most purely chaotic good creatures (from Janigiraffey)

My sister and her husband tried to train their corgi to bark at their cat whenever the cat broke one of the house rules. Unfortunately, the corgi never had a firm grasp on the cat rules and at this point he's just making up his own cat rules to try to enforce.

Sister just had her first baby a couple weeks ago. Corgi feels like this is an important development and he should have a role. Corgi decides that his role is to protect the baby from the cat, which involves a lot of barking at the cat while the baby is sleeping.

7. Cool bosses DO exist. (from Axfried)

I worked in a Starbucks as a student. One day, one of our regulars came in crying as she found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

Our shift supervisor took out a full chocolate cake, dropped it on the counter from a height of about 2cm and said "oh no, I dropped it. Can't sell it now."

Handed her the cake, a fork and a canister of whipped cream while I made her a free drink.

He then proceeded to tell people that we were out of cake for the day.

10 years on, still remember the smile she gave us :)

8. It shouldn't count as 'robbery' if you're doing something good with it (from Mirrorflute88)

One of my friends stole a ladder from a garage to help a kid down from a tree and then put it back

9. Protectin' the world from UV rays (from SkyCaptainBags)

I was at a party and someone wearing kilt was forcing sunscreen on everyone. He would say hi in the nicest voice and offer you one of his beers, but only if you put sunscreen on. He was the coolest

10. Richie Rich: The College Years (from TopMacaroon)

Trust fund kid and his clique that would show up to your random college party with a literal trunk load of booze and drugs. It was his mission to turn parties into shit shows (likely for his own entertainment). He was just a really nice and fun person too. If it weren't for the fact he'd shrug off throwing down $1000 on booze you'd never guess he was anything but just a nice hardworking college age kid.

11. When manspreading actual man. (from RedWestern)

Not something I saw, but something my brother saw. He was on a bus in London, and this elderly woman got on. There were no free seats, but this was largely because two teenagers were spreading themselves out across two seats each. This big, hulking South African guy tells them to move up and make room for her. They swear at him and give all that cocky attitude teenagers are famous for. He gets up, yanks one of them to his feet, shoves him back so that he's sitting in one seat, and in the thickest Afrikaans accent you could possibly imagine, tells him plainly "You must be very careful who you're rude to, hey." They fucking backed down after that.

12. You wouldn't often think "kidnapping an entire medical staff" would be for a good cause, but then.... (from About137Ninjas)

A Brazilian drug dealer kidnapped medical staff to force them to vaccinate a community for yellow fever

chaotic good irl: kindaps nurses to provide vaccinations