Every time a person desperately begs for free stuff and then turns down things they don't think are good enough, an angel gets shot point blank in the face. 

So please, for the love of GOD, stop being picky about the charity you're being offered. You literally killing baby cherubs, dickheads.

1. Because I found a book shelf for $40, that must mean every book shelf is $40. 

choosing beggar - negotiation fail

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2. Asks for literal garbage and then calls someone desperate...hmmm...

choosing beggar - seeking cigarette butts, but not that desperate

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3. Her toddler could have DIED without a lid, you greedy bastards!

choosing beggar - free water with no lid!

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4. Make me a thing that I won't like or pay for, please. 

choosing beggar - free logos

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5. Hey, sorry for not talking to you in 3 years, give me money though?

choosing beggar - cash gift, loan, whats the difference

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6. Thanks for the cash, you selfish assholes.

choosing beggar - ok the concert tickets were cool but what about the gofundme

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7. How DARE no one give me THEIR car 'cause mine broke under the weight of my gigantic sense of entitlement.  

choosing beggar - too good for the bus

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8. You should only have ONE JOB and you should do it for FREE.

choosing beggar - full time volunteer photographers wanted

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9. What an impressive résumé. 

choosing beggar - very ambitious resume

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10. Wow, that's a really good point. SOLD!

choosing beggar - negotiating tactic: i don't have that much money

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