awesome tweets: being a literal clam

Twitter can be a rough place - there's lots of harrassment, Nazis, threats, and general arguing and drama that you find in most places online. But also? Some pretty funny people, making some pretty funny tweets. Here are some of the best ones lately:

1. I'm just a duckin' loser.

2. Future dream life: "I wish I had a hammock and literally nothing else."

3. So THAT'S why clams are so happy...

4. Ray J's hat does not follow the laws of physics, and I respect that.

5. Repressing everything and ignoring all of your problems is a LOT easier for me right now, soooo...

6. Honestly I would do anything for a 1 in 20 chance at doing anything that mattered.

7. This sounds like my exact idea of Hell, and I like both of these shows.

8. A smart ghost would exclusively haunt a Taco Bell

9. I know I shouldn't WANT to eat it, but....well, here we are.

10. "Spit in this hole" - Luigi

11. I'm sorry but I refuse to pay $20 to get drunk at a wedding.

12. I'm glad I'm not named Luke, because I would have thought the exact same thing.

13. I don't know what's going on in this video and I don't want to know.