If you aren't afraid of partially or fully submerged manmade objects under water yet, then you're about to be. There's something so frightening about a giant dam spill well (am enormous HOLE just sucking water down into a deep abyss) in the middle of a lake, or a sunken ship resting at the bottom of the ocean. These things are just right next to you while you swim and it's like, I don't want anything to do with it, please get it away from me.

It may be fascinating, but it's fascinating in a way that gives us the creeps. 

1. Oh Holey NOPE. 

Submechanophobia: whirlpool

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2. Imaging getting stuck in this grate...

Submechanophobia: underwater grate

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3. Who knows how deep those support beams go. 

Submechanophobia: oil rig

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4. This underwater sculpture garden by artist Jason Decaires Taylor is like The Walkind Dead meets the deep sea. 

Submechanophobia: underwater sculpture garden

Submechanophobia: underwater sculpture garden

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5. Sunken subway car is now a ghost train that we'd prefer to stay far, far away from. 

Submechanophobia: underwater subway car

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6. What a beautiful NOPE. 

Submechanophobia: diver near giant propeller

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7. Even Samara from "The Ring" is like no fucking thank you. 


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8. Staircase into the unknown. 

Submechanophobia: night waters

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9. "The Hand of Harmony" sculpture reaching out of the ocean in Pohang, North Korea and does not feel harmonious at all, like even a little bit. 

Submechanophobia: ocean hand sculpture

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Submechanophobia: weir drowning machine

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11. These are wave chambers that collect the debris in wave pools, aka underwater prison cells from hell.

Submechanophobia: underwater cells

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12. A Shiva statue submerged in the flood waters of the River Ganges makes us feel nauseous. 

Submechanophobia: statue in the ganges

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13. Somehow it's even more haunting in a grainy vintage black and white, like it's something from another planet.  

Submechanophobia: undersea wreck

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14. The animatronic from "Jaws", who they named Bruce, feels like a dystopian nightmare where sharks have gained the power of technology and we're all fucked. 

Submechanophobia: animatronic jaws

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