In addition to regimenting their broadcast to a strict three hours, the Academy announced today that it will be unvieling a new category at the Oscars, Outstanding Popular Film.

These changes are most likely being put into place after the 2018 broadcast yielded the lowest-rating on record (26.5 million), so to stop that Dwayne The Rock Johnson will now be nominated for the 5 movies he made this year that made 50 billion dollars each.

1. The Academy is proud to announce the new category "Most Outstanding The Movie Crash"

2. Also fuck off for snubbing my boy Daniel Day

3. Voice acting

4. And Tobey Maguire wins every one

5. Wake me up when there's a Vine Awards

6. What about all us drama kids

7. And the Oscar goes to....Rick and Morty

8. Ah very good

9. Those little indie darlings

10. Come on up and get slimed

11. You can only watch said films in IFC's dirty cellarĀ 

12. Paws up for the king

13. Honestly I'd be down for Best Movie With Lots of Colors