If you're feelin' a bit frisky, then you've come to the right place, my horny little toad. These tweets will definitely tantalize your inner kink, whatever that may be, and get you feelin' good midday at work (the perfect time to be aroused). 

So grab your lube 'cause we're about to tickle your funny boner. 

1. You filthy little water whore. 

2. Yes, rub the cliborus.

3. Boy do I love BBQ. 

4. Let's role play, I'm you now. 

5. Someone's a naughty little cursed doll. 

6. Faster, we're doing something illegal!

7. Tell my wife and kids...nice. 

8. Braingasm. 

9. Gotta go fast. 

10. "Is everything okay? You look scandalized." 

11. Oh yeah, love that high angle. 

12. And this is why you should stick your dick in a pack of bacon.