1. Get your micro emoji dick outta here.

tinder rejections: emoji reject

 secretscarrots / Reddit.com

2. Harsh.

tinder rejections: hottest singles of the week

 limerocks / Reddit.com

3. Some people are more blunt than others.

tinder rejections: drink beer and makeout

 lordphysics / Reddit.com

4. h

tinder rejections: not a lot of y's in 'hey'

Broodjedoner / Reddit.com

5. Uhhh guys, answer each others questions

tinder rejections: europiece of shit

lickmybowls / Reddit.com

6. And that, boys, is how I met your mother.

tinder rejections: wrong gif or wrong person

MrJr01 / Reddit.com

7. Beremean more like it.

tinder rejections: berenice not very nice

Whatislife28 / Reddit.com

8. Gotta do complex math if you want this number.

tinder rejections: income tax

quicksilverfrost / Reddit.com

9. Started strong, finished quickly.

tinder rejections

Canuck_fuk / Reddit.com

10. Hate when you temporarily forget your own number.

tinder rejections: im so sorry

AOkhtenberg / Reddit.com

11. Worth the unmatching.

tinder rejections: alexa play despacito

 weedlewarrior69 / Reddit.com