At this point, if you don't know what The Onion is, you've been living under a satirical rock and deserve to be ridiculed if you're caught taking one of their headlines at face value. These idiots were, and luckily we have the shameful screengrabs to further spread the shame.

1. Yes, it is the writers and editors who are the idiots.

 Padunn816 /

2. It is almost as if it is...impossible.

Pit_27 /

3. I mean, kinda yeah.

CarmineFields /

4. This person is very angry at this fake lady in this fake situation.

Mattylavs /

5. :O

FlorianInJeHolMan /

6. I wonder what happens when people realize what the Onion is?

BoonkGangThatKarma /

7. It's a joke!

CosmicSheOwl /

8. Ugh. Liberals, huh?

asahcool /

9. This is unfair.

Dionicio3 /

10. 'Also your chin looks like a tumour'

a_mo_hashim /

11. Woosh.

h3RE_ /

12. Thanks for the heads up.

drakehotlinebling /

13. Yes, seriously.

Notbruce1 /