Drive-thrus are a strange place. I know that I've never been to one when I was in a totally right state of mind. Either I was tired, or drunk, or angry from being in the car for eight hours. As such, you can imagine what the people working those windows must see on the daily. Thankfully, the nice people at AskReddit asked drive-thru workers what the stangest thing they ever saw from a customer was. Their answers are predictably insane. Please enjoy: 

weird drive-thru encounters


1. katiebug0313 probably wondered who the second value meal was for: 

A saw a fully clothed blow up doll buckled in the passenger seat one day.

2.  Forgetful_Panda got a lot more than they ordered: 

This is the opposite of what you're asking but in a McDonald's drive-thru, through the screen, I watched the cashier dip her finger into my drink and taste it. And I don't think she did it maliciously, she was making sure it was the right drink I guess, but WTF.

My dad saw a Sonic cashier do that to his milkshake though, and that was 100% the cashier being a creep.

3. The cat was out of the bag when bumblepuss served this person:

A girl came through one time with her cat in the car. Like a typical cat in a car, it freaked out when she stopped at the window. When it tried to climb out, she rushed to put up the window and the cat's head got stuck. For a split second I thought she was gonna decapitate it :(, luckily she stopped, lowered the window and grabbed the cat. It was so close. I can still picture the look of horror on that cat's face. Hope she took better care of it.

4. SharpieScentedSoap knows why their customer was there in the first place: 

A big bag of weed in the passenger's seat. Like a sandwich bag stuffed to capacity. Try not to get pulled over on the way home, buddy.

weird drive-thru encounters


5. Chicken wasn't the only bird in MrConbon's drive-thru:

A rare Australian bird in a Chicago subdivision drive-thru. Apparently she worked at a zoo and there are only a couple of the birds left in the world.

6. kulalolk has an uncle who's crazy bones: 

Not a drive thru worker but every year my uncle puts a fake skeleton in his passenger seat and drives in the hov lanes when he drives to work. He lives like 2 hrs from where he works and leaves at 4am so there's no traffic. But it's pretty funny to think about.

7. ladykiller1020 was the one with the whopper: 

I was on the other end of this. In high school, i had received a giant blow up dick as a gag gift. This thing was at least 3 feet tall. Once we had it strapped in the backseat of the car while going through a drive through. I could see the expression on the dude's face as he handed us our food like, "Is that a giant dick?"

8. Pancakeexplosion had some hungry customers: 

I work at a fried chicken place woth a drive thru. I am constantly amazed at the number of people who have other bags of food that come through. Like folks who have mcdonalds, a pizza and then order from me. What kinda sloppy feast are you having?

weird drive-thru encounters


9. eyescoldlemonade saw a weiner and a taco:

My first job was at a taco time. I once had a guy roll up to the window completely naked.

10. Phicova22 was probably....very confused: 

One time I saw 15 watermelons shoved infront of the passenger seat of this guy's car

11. mrsrariden found the beef: 

I wish I had a picture of this. My cousin driving a red compact car 🚗 took his two kids and his nephew to pick up his other son at a friend's house.

On the way back he somehow got sidetracked and bought a cow. It was still a calf, but not a newborn. Over 200lbs. Apparently he got it for a really good price, but the seller said he had to take it right away. He included a bale of hay and a 50lb sack of feed.

All this cow buying made my cousin and the four boys hungry, so they decided to stop at McDonald's.

He pulls up to the drive-thru with four boys crammed into the back seat. On their laps they are holding a bale of hay and a big sack of grain. In the front seat is the cow.

They get their food and go home. His wife is in the front yard when they pull up. She looks at the car and says "What the hell did you buy?"

12. mrfoxinthebox learned that the customer 

I've had drunk dude in his boxers and his completely naked girlfriend in the back seat,on a side note he wanted me to go down to an adult video store and buy a g string for him, as he put it I'm to drunk to go there myself, I told him no and he asked for a supervisor at 3 am