Life sucks and all we can really do is pray for our inevitable demise to take us during a peaceful slumber, not painfully slow from ebola or something.

Until then, memes are always a great remedy for the blues, even on the worst of days. So, don't worry, but also, don't be happy because we all die but at least we have the internet. 

Hope we made you feel better!

1. He has been reborn as a new prisoner with an additional 5 years on his sentence. 

epic fails: prisoner spends 5 years tunneling directly into guard room

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2. Mr. Magoo is looking younger than ever these days!

epic fails: accidental nair use

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epic fails: pain clinic sign causes pain

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4. I guess this is what happens when you do whatever the fuck she's doing with corn and a power drill.

epic fails: corn drill fail

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5. The car salesman guarenteed this baby could hold a fuck ton of spaghetti, tho. 

epic fails: do not spaghetti and drive

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6. I bet he leased a really great condo in Florida for a month, though. 

epic fails: ronald wayne sold 10% apple stake for $800

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7. Looks like these guys have egg on their face. And their shoes. And shirts. And pants. 

epic fails: mishap at the egg warehouse

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8. Well, now she has a spare in case there's another unfortunate event on her horizon. 

epic fails: panties stuck to back

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9. Just dive down there and get it, Jonathan, don't be such a coward. 

epic fails: ice fishing fails

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10. Great new car, better drive is straight into a lake so it doesn't look so good and people try to steal it. 

epic fails: drives porsche into river

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