Getting roasted on the internet is one thing: it happens, and it hurts, but you're expected to have a full recovery. These unfortunate victims would be pronounced DOA if there was an Internet Hospital that treated sick burns on social media. They didn't stand a chance, and may God have mercy on their souls. 


social media roasts: turns out she really did like baseball

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2. Remember: never, ever add your boss on Facebook. 

social media roasts: boss responds

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3. Looks someone just got a real lesson in survival of the fittest 'cause they're straight up DEAD now. 

social media roasts

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4. You don't choose to be a common man, but you do choose to be an obnoxious one. 

social media roasts: karmic rebirth

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5. And this is why you shouldn't call people out on schooling when you don't have a lot of schooling. 

social media roasts: columbia trained rebuttal

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social media roasts: soup, debunked

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7. Can we just send James to Mars?

social media roasts: mars rover landing

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8. Can't wait until all the old people die lol. 

social media roasts: millenials strike back

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9. Maybe we should feed you to the bears, though. 

social media roasts: welfare programs vs bears

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10. This reads like a Shel Silverstein poem. 

social media roasts: anti vaxxer

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