Not all jokes are funny, but sometimes it's the dumbest, purest sort of punchline that'll really make you laugh. And then groan. And then contemplate why it is you are the way that you are, like how can you find something so inane funny, Greg, come on!

But at least at first it makes laugh!

1. Well this pun is just delicious. 

dumb jokes: clamp your ham

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2. I just love this song. 

dumb jokes: bear with no face

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3. Great advertising for both Nike AND Dasani. 

dumb jokes: das a foot, das a knee

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4. Well, did he?

dumb jokes: invention of tea

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5. Looks like someone was an English major. 

dumb jokes: acquire a choir

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6. And on the 7th day, God created puns. 

dumb jokes: call it a day

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7. A shark dentist is the worst profession in the world. 

dumb jokes: loose canine

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8. Poor little guy. 

dumb jokes: people don't carrot all

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9. It's great when you can really come out as your true self to your parents. 

dumb jokes: of course, frank

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10. Now I want a sandwich. 

dumb jokes: bologna below knee

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11. This dog looks a little ruff. 

dumb jokes: i wood

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12. Hey Mr. Postman!

dumb jokes: mail child keep us posted

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