So the Year of Elon Musk's Extended Public Meltdown continues apace in the only way it possibly could - for the tech billionaire to go on Joe Rogan's podcast, smoke some weed, and talk about 15 year old Matthew McConaughey movies. It's been a rough year for Mr. Musk - between some PR snafus around calling a cave rescuer a pedophile for no reason, accidentally inviting an SEC investigation into his company by getting high with his girlfriend, musician Grimes, and tweeting that he would be taking Tesla private (at a stock price of $420/share BLAZE IT), and generally acting like an insane weirdo on Twitter nonstop (which I actually kind of respect - it doesn't matter how many billions of dollars you have, you can still be an online-obsessed goof!). But actually going on the Joe Rogan podcast (which is fun, in the head-shaking "Jesus Christ what the fuck" kind of way) and smoking a blunt on camera is PROBABLY not the best idea for the head of a major publicly-traded corporation (despite, as I am well aware, weed is legal in California and is genuinely not a big deal!). Here's the whole 2 hour interview, if that's what you actually have the time to watch:

But more importantly, here is the weed moment:

Also, the dude mentioned that he didn't really feel anything, but HE DIDN'T EVEN INHALE, C'MON BRO.

Again - there is absolutely nothing wrong with a person smoking pot, let alone a single lil puff like this. But - hey - optics are a pretty big thing in corporate America, especially when there are SO MANY eyes on you (as is the case with Elon Musk). So far the stock has dropped precipitously, Tesla's chief accountant has resigned (after only being there a month), and EVERYONE ONLINE IS RIPPING ON ELON MUSK FOR MAKING WEED LOOK SO GODDAMN LAME.

Unfortunately, people are sorta sleeping on the REAL best part of the interview, where Joe Rogan and Elon Musk commisserated over a samurai sword, which is just about the most Joe Rogan podcast thing possible: