If a vegan doesn't tell someone they're a vegan, then are they really, truly a vegan? I mean, yeah, some vegans aren't smug little turds that have to remind people they don't eat meat because it's unethical, but let's be real. Most vegans (at least on the internet) have a compulsive need to tell meatheads that what they're doing is wrong because CHICKENS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!

And to that we say yeah, we know. It makes them taste better. 

1. I ALSO save lives!

2. So...you're not boarding the flight, ma'am?

3. The bar was condemned shortly after. 


5. *vegetables intensify* 

6. I am SO sorry Mrs. Rutabaga

7. Even the Scottish get it. 

8. Et tu, du boeuf?

9. *Aliens roll eyes and drop you out into the vastness of space*

10. Please, tell my wife and child that...I'm a vegan. 

11. This is how you get someone to short circuit. 

12. Our baby will only drink beet juice.