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Here's the thing - a lot of men are just woefully ignorant as to the workings and basic anatomy of women's bodies. And the same applies vice-versa - plenty of women have total misconceptions of men's bodies. The truth is that our sexual education curriculum (and really entire means of talking about the issue) is pretty subpar, which leaves a lot of people misinformed or plain ol' left in the dark completely. The difference becomes a bit more stark, however, when one considers that women's bodies are inherently a bit more complicated than men's (generally) - the menstrual cycle alone is a massive part of a woman's life, and there's really no actual equivalent for men.

But again, the entire conversation around anatomy and sex education is pretty awful, so young men shouldn't feel TOO bad about not knowing the full deal. However, it's not difficult to - ya know - just talk to women in your life or do some basic research online to fill in the gaps in your learning. Still, shockingly few actually bother to do this kind of simple legwork to better understand the other 50% of the world on the most basic level, which consistently leads to incredible, baffling examples of pure incompetence.

And thanks to the internet, we have many of these examples forever enshrined in posts - and no longer limited to verbal anecdotes. And...it's pretty disheartening.








But something truly incredible that I had really never considered before was how badly men had been misunderstanding women's anatomy THROUGHOUT TIME. Our modern ignorance towards the subject is not a new thing at all - which brings me to one of the greatest Tumblr threads I've ever seen, outlining the ways many classical artists completely misrepresented women's bodies in ridiculous ways:

A History of People Not Understanding How Women's Bodies Work

So - please - if you're a modern person, either speak to any woman in your life or do some basic research on the internet (which is literally just filled with information on all sorts of things, you should really check it out). And if you're an old-timey artist....well, it's probably too late for you, but what the HELL, dude?

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