Not as great as last week, but still on the up and up. I would of course still watch this show no matter how bad it got (I mean, I am still watching Studio 60). It’s hard to talk about this show in a positive light, because they did something that pissed me off so much right at the top. Why put featuring Malcom McDowell at the end of the credits, now we know who is playing Linderman. I know SAG has some regulations about credits, but they maintained the suspense for the whole season, they didn’t have another six minutes in them? I know the reveal of Linderman didn’t even end up being a big deal, but I am a huge fan of Clockwork Orange, so it is good to see that Alex DeLarge is getting work.

I will also go out on a limb and say I hate shape-shifters and all the plot-lines they bring with them. Seriously they do all that "Face Off" / "MI-2" shenanigans, where who is really who? They have those a-ha moments, where the morpher thinks they fooled the audience. The second someone is revealing a secret to anyone, you know it’s the shape-shifter…so BOO to her, and really they couldn’t find an actress that looked less like the Computer Chick that they arbitrarily threw in for one episode just to move the plot along a little bit.

Why didn’t Mohinder just waste Sylar when he had the chance? God that makes me angry.

Ando is back, I miss him and he looks so precious in his little uniform.

Petrelli’s mom? Huge Bad ass, can’t wait to hear more about her.

The Moment That Could Have Been

Linderman: Petrelli do you like vegetables?
Petrelli: Yeah…I'm married to one! Booyah!

Oh fuck mind-wipe time again…