11:31pm March 1st, 2007
Abel Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Resident Williams reported to me that he was “bitch slapped” by resident Jameson in the fourth floor lounge during a heated game of “Dungeons & Dragons”. Resident Williams was the “Dungeon Master” master for this game and did not grant resident Jameson the opportunity to “level up” to a level 5 Druid with +4 charisma. Resident Jameson said that that wasn’t fair and demanded that Williams let him level up. Williams then said to “stop being a whiny peasant” and to shut up and play the game or he’ll have him “exiled to the 7th dungeon of Malafore”. Resident Jameson then took a Bawls energy drink and threw it in resident Williams’ face.

At this point, resident Williams stopped the game and told everyone to “go back to their lairs (dorms) and wait for this jackanapes to leave”. Resident Jameson then leapt across the room to Williams screaming a “spell” in some gibberish. He open-palm slapped resident Williams who did not retaliate. Williams did say that he was going to go back to his room to get his “bastard sword from the swamp of Essex” to “gut the tyrant Jameson”.

I, Resident Assistant Bradley, told both of them to go to their rooms and wait until the Resident Director could talk to them. I cited Resident Jameson with a write up for assault and notified campus security. CS came and did a full search of both resident’s rooms and found nothing. When asked if resident Williams had a sword in his room, he denied, saying that his Lord (father) did not let him have it in the dorms but would lead a full on attack to get it back.