]Just when you thought that Ron Artest had really cleaned up his act, he goes and slaps around a woman. Well, he didn’t actually slap her, according to police reports, but he did shove her to the ground and hold her down so she couldn’t call 911. Real mature Ron, who was this girl, your little sister? Was she going to tell Mom on you? Well in that case it was perfectly okay to hold her down and not let her go and get you grounded. Its almost Prom season, you can’t afford that grounding. Hopefully, this “three strike rule” that the NFL is tossing around makes it way to the NBA. Unfortunately for Ron, he already has two outs and a 0-2 count. But don’t worry this guy is on deck.

Not only does this clown abuse women, he is also not a very good dog owner. I would definitely tell Mom on him for this one. His dog, named “Socks,” was picked up by the pound because Ron refused to care for the Great Dane. Before he was picked up by Animal Services neighbors had been giving the dog food and water to keep it alive. As you may have guessed, Ron has a perfectly good explanation for why this dog was starving to death. He said the situation got out of hand when he was on a 7-game road trip. "Then we got back and got a handle on it. I have a new professional doggy watcher from out of state that will help me train my dogs better," he wrote. "I'm horrible at that.” Correction Ron, you are horrible at life. Is this guy going to train the dog not to die when you refuse to feed it? He also blamed Socks’ condition on another one of his dogs, an American Bulldog, who “dominated all the food.”

Yeah, no harm no foul Ron, just make sure it doesn’t happen again. Everyone makes mistakes, just don’t let us catch you abusing women or killing animals again. Or cutting your hair like this.

The Angry T

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