It can be very difficult to determine if it's appropriate to send someone a friend request on facebook. Fortunately I've come up with a handy guide to help you figure out whether it would be cool or creepy to friend someone:

Scenario Appropriate to send a friend request?
You get assigned to a group project with a girl from your class YES
You meet a cute girl at a party and chat it up for awhile YES
You meet a cute girl at a party. You can't remember her name, but after an advanced search on facebook you've narrowed down the possibilities to 12 different girls. YES TO ALL
She has the same last name as you. YES
She doesn't have the same last name as you, but it starts with the same letter. Oh yeah, and she's hot. YES
She has a name that rhymes with a part of the female anatomy YES
She went to the same middle school as you. You were too scared to ever talk to her, but you are pretty sure that you were in love. YES
You sit near her in class sometimes. She takes good notes. YES
You've never met her, but your buddy's cousin dated her in 8th grade and said she's crazy hot. YES
You found a sweatshirt with her name in it that she lost in the dining hall. It smells good. YES
You are a girl and you like his updates on