If you know me, you know that I always encounter the weirdest shit known to man. This is a true story of one of the most ridiculous arguements I have ever witnessed.

It was time for my lunch break and I decided to go to the popular sandwich chain that shares its name with a type of locomotive.

As I sat down with my cold cut combo meal with Sunchips (fuck doritios), I noticed a couple a little older than me a few tables over who were argueing about something. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying so I continue to try and listen while I start eating.

About 2 minutes into my sandwich, the arguement starts to get heated. The girl was getting really upset, so I assumed her boyfriend was breaking up with her. I could never hear what he was saying because he stayed pretty calm the whole time. She started to raise her voice a little bit and I could finally start hearing what they were fighting about. Keep in mind that the chick is so frustrated with this that she was almost in tears…

Girl: NO ITS NOT POSSIBLE YOU FUCKING TWAT WAFFLE! If someone from the future went back in time, they couldn't possible gain some kind of high power status and rule the world…

Me: (thinking in my head) What the fuck? This bitch is about to cry over time travel?…you've got to be fucking shitting me. Here I am thinking her boyfriend is dumping her…but shes crying over fucking TIME TRAVEL

Girl: …If they go back in time, they change the course of history and they might not even exist in the future, so how could they ever time travel in the first place? ITS NOT POSSIBLE!!!

(The guy mumbles something that I couldn't hear)

Girl: ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT? Think about it…Its not possible. Did you never see Back to the Future 1, 2, or 3? Fuck you're dumb…I mean, come on, seriously. Its not rocket science Captain Dildo Thumper.

(While trying so hard not to laugh, I choke on my soda and it shoots out of my nose)

Just when I thought it was over..

(Guy mumbles something else to her)

Girl: Fuck you….Seriously, go fuck yourself, you're an idiot. If you can't even figure out how time travel works…THEN MAYBE WE SHOULDN'T BE TOGETHER!

(my jaw dropped as the psycho bitch stood up, stormed out of the Subway, slammed the door behind her, and began pacing by her car)

(Guy takes a few more bites of his food, calmly gets up, throws the rest away, and follows the nutjob outside)

AND IT STILL WASNT OVER! They stood in the parking lot for like 10 minutes just yelling at eachother. The only sentence I clearly understood while they were outside was when the guy finally lost his cool and screamed, "Your vagina smells like rust". Shortly after that, they got in the car and drove away.

I started looking around the subway to see if Candid Camera or Punk'd was going to jump out at me because there was no way this shit was real….Right?

But the cameras never came…It was a real fight.