For his role as Mark David Chapman in the upcoming movie Chapter 27, Jared Leto reportedly put on 67 pounds by melting pints of Haagen-Dazs in the microwave, then adding olive oil and soy sauce and drinking it. But Leto's disturbing act of engorgement is not the first time Hollywood stars have gone to extreme lengths to prepare for movie roles.

  • To prepare for the movie Norbit, Eddie Murphy watched the worst ten minutes of Big Momma's House. And 2.
  • Michael Reid MacKay, who played the guy tied to his bed in the movie Se7en, did nothing to prepare for the role, because he was already a bulimic chemotherapy patient addicted to meth
  • Tom Cruise prepares for the majority of his roles by spending a full three weeks pretending he's not gay.
  • Before agreeing to the movie Basic Instinct 2, Sharon Stone talked to the three people in America who were willing to pay eight dollars to see her vagina.
  • For the PG-13-rated movie The Man, Samuel L. Jackson reportedly kept himself from saying, "motherfucker" for up to twenty-six minutes at a time, at which point, according to director Les Mayfield, blood would shoot out of his nose, "like someone uncapping a fire hydrant."