This reporter has obtained exclusive information as to the end of this season of 24. Beware, spoilers ahead!

In the riveting finale, Jack Bauer arrives at the location of the terrorist bomb at 22:53 and, with seemingly plenty of time to spare, decides to take a quick nap before defusing the bomb and saving the country. But, as Jack was so busy going through the entire season kicking ass and reinforcing negative stereotypes of Muslim-Americans, Bauer forgets that last year Congress legislated Daylight Savings Time to start 3 weeks earlier (mostly so that they could spend more time with their interns and pages before their spouses catch on). At the last second, Bauer wakes up and realizes his mistake, but is instantly vaporized by a nuclear explosion. The President, safe aboard Air Force One, then comments, "Man, that's the act of Congress I expected to destroy America. I thought it would be Social Security reform or something."

“We felt that the realism on the show was a little lacking,” Executive Producer Absalan al-Sataf said. "So we decided to put in some real-life situations. At first we had the idea of having him eat breakfast or use the bathroom or get a parking ticket or something, but then we thought ‘hey! They're changing the clocks really early this year and no one seems to know about it, so why not use that?'" When asked whether this was the end of the series, al-Sataf said, "We had planned on a bit of a more spectacular ending…something about Congressional acts being able to bend the laws of space and time, and Bauer being a robot sent from the future to save the past. Of course, something like that would lead right into the next season, but we ran out of time when we forgot to set our clocks back an hour, so we kind of had to wrap things up quickly.”

The finale closes with the survivors of Washington remarking on the irony of having their city destroyed by an act of Congress. “They changed DST to save energy…” laments one survivor, “and it worked! I guess I really underestimated the new democratic congress. That's real progress, good for them."