Now, I’m not one for “reading the news” or “having any idea what’s going on”, but I recently heard that the newest hot button issue is that gay people want to adopt babies, and that other people don’t want them to. Well, frankly, What the fuck? What’s wrong with gay people?
Seriously, I think that gay people would be just as good—if not better—parents than non-gays. I mean, what could be better than having two parents who love and care about you very much, and besides that, are a ton of FUN! A happy home is a quality home, my dad (who’s pretty gay) used to say.
Let’s compare growing up gay to growing up in an orphanage. In an orphanage, you have to bathe yourself in a cold, grimy shower. In a gay home, a loving parent will hand-wash their child! In an orphanage, it’s gruel, three meals a day. In a gay home, it’s home packed fudge! The benefits go on and on!
These are just some of the reasons to let gays adopt kids. I mean, they say a happy home is a healthy home, and gay means happy! Count this reporter firmly entrenched in letting happy people adopt—as long as they aren’t queers. That’s an abomination against our lord Jesus H. Christ.