Chad: Who do you guys have winning it all?
Bran: I like Florida this year.
Moose: Florida A&M? My sister goes there.
Bran: (laughing) Yeah, I'm picking the 16 seed to take it all…Ass. The Gators.
Moose: Speaking of Gators, how crazy is it that that Steve Irwin guy died?
Chad: That was like 3 months ago, dude.
Moose:I'm just saying.
Chad: I got to go with Ohio State. Greggy Oden.
Bran: That dude looks like Lebron and Bill Russell's love child.
Moose: Enough sports. What are we, gay? Let's go smoke and watch Harold and Kumar.
Chad: Later man, I want to talk about picks.

Moose rolls his eyes and shoots a jump shot…he almost hits the rim this time

Bran: Why didn't you get in my pool Moose?
Moose: It's too cold to go swimming.
Chad: Funny guy. You know what I mean…the tournament.
Moose: Oh crap, did I not get it in on time? Shoot! Poop! Well…there's always next year.

Brad and Chad give each other awkward looks

Bran: Moose would probably pick Oral Roberts to go all the way anyway.
Moose: I wouldn't pick Oral Roberts. He sucks.
Chad: Oral Roberts is a school, not a person.
Moose: No shit.

Chad gives Bran a look of concern

Bran: Do you know what we're talking about?
Moose: (nervously) Definitely. Sports. Let's get high.
Chad: What sport?
Moose: The one with the ball.
Bran: You've got to be joking.
Moose: Hockey?
Chad: (pulling hair out) Noo! Basketball!
Moose: Oh, like Michael Jordan? Or is that baseball?
Bran: We're talking about College Basketball.
Chad: The NCAA tournament.
Moose: Cool. I'm going to go smoke and watch Harold and Kumar.