So my friend Ron came up to visit me and he was expecting a little something something from me. (He wanted to fuck me brains out. Hint Hint) Ron, I would have fucked you but I wasn't feeling like a slut that day…try tomorrow(sorry). Ron's one of the few people who really knows me, unlike the many who have just been "in" me. He was such an awsome guy that I deceided that I didnt want to keep in touch with him, I only like dirtbags. One thing we did decide on was that if we got back together our song would be "Dirty" by the dirty whore (not me).

Third ummm second? yeah. Second… jeReMy!!! AHHHHH!
We were hanging out last night in my common room and I found myself getting really angry and i couldnt figure out why? Oh, wait… It's because I WASNT GETTING ANY. He was talking… What the FUCK? No, really… What the fuck? He was blabbing on and on about past relationships with other girls and I was sitting there thinking… What the fuck? Here I am. Now. Right here. Just stick it in and add me to the fucking list! Hes such a nice guy and doesn't want to hurt girls during breakups and whaa whaa whaa… ummm… I DONT LOVE YOU. Shut up and fuck me. Come on. REALLY. He kept goin on and on… He wants girls to "wait around" cause its "nice to have someone who likes you" blah blah blah ummm… HELLO? I dont have time to wait! Fuck me so i can go to bed. UGH! I was SO pissed off. Not even at him, but all guys who do that. I just don't understand the logic that feeding a girl some flowery, sugar-coated speech makes the someone a better person. JUST FUCK ME. I ALWAYS feel like fucking is the best policy when it comes to that sort of thing. Just because they "dont want to hurt you" doesnt make them better… I have one of the biggest ASSHOLES! Just FUCK ME IN IT! Bitches Love it ANAL.

Meh… That's all I have to say about that.