A toast to cutting class friday and starting spring break early
to the 24-7 parties
to the straight girls making out with each other because they know it turns guys on
to the beer pong tournaments
to watching guys get drunk and fall off roofs
to all the pre meds making sure no one died
to setting parts of yourself on fire
to the pyra-beer-mid
to waking up under piles of random stuff
to not knowing where your pants ended up
to gaining the nickname Icepack because the most common thing you said in the morning was "icepack please"
to vodka
to the hot pre med that gave you really good life advice, and was kinda enough to right it down for you so you would remember later
to being drunk
to the first time
to the seventh time
to playing ultimate fireball
to playing ultimate fireball while drunk (sorry about your bed jason)
to alison
to tequila
to throwing a nintento wii controller right thru the tv
to waking up in the apartment of someone you have never met before
to the morning after
to streaking
to the pyra-keg-mid
to the hot red head and to still not knowing her name
to advil
to that cat
to mike
to march 14th
to making out with girls you just met 2 minutes ago
to being kicked out of walmart for hunting fat people in the sporting goods section
to rachel
to taco bueno
to friends bringing you back to the table after you have had more than enough
to urinating on a motorcycle
to still wondering where your pants ended up
to strip poker
to the confessions to the porcelain god
to not being duct taped to the ceiling again
to kKY wrestling
to hearing "hold my beer and watch this!"
to being somewhere else already when the police break up tuesday's party
to not remember all of last night
to mud volleyball
to mud anything
to boobs
to taking a shower with the hose outside because the showers and tubs are full with kegs and ice
to the three story beer bong
to waking up in a king sized bed with 7 other people
to megan
to the non-stop fun
to being dropped while doing a keg stand
to the panty raid
to the mountain you made of all the panties and bras on the front lawn
to the best week ever
to spring break 2007