Therefore, everyone has horribly gay jobs in their lives. Sad too say I currently have one Meijer Gas station attendant. Although the job sucks, it is always very interesting. There a few things that bug the fuck out of me and they all involve the customers (that means you).
First off when people get out of their car to pump gas they act like its damn rocket science to get the pump to work press the activate button wait a second pump your gas and get the fuck out of my gas station.
In addition, what is with driving off? I mean honestly if you cannot afford gas get a damn life. When you drive off I have to call my manager and shit and I get yelled at not cool. In addition, I always catch people, which means no license which means no life so just don’t do it.
Then there is the talker. You have a million people in your line that you just want to get out of your line and this dude is telling you his life story. Guy I do not care that the priest molested you when you were six, that you are bipolar and you have more medications then our pharmacy department. I am here for my paycheck if I wanted the freak show I would go to the carnival.
Then there are the late night drunks. Always fun makes life enjoyable reminds you how stupid people can be when they are drunk. Also not every day can you see someone drive away with the hose still attached to their car because they forgot to remove the fuel dispenser. You people laugh at the pictures of that I see it in real time.
In addition, there are the penny people. The people, who pump gas, go over by that penny, come in, and act as if it did not happen. I have 20 on pump 3 that’s 20.01 ass bag my drawer isn't coming up short because your retarded. We have a penny jar for idiots as if you take the fucking penny and move on with your life.
Finally, we have the coworkers. Meijer is an equal opportunity employer…which means they will hire every worthless dirt ball that will slave away for a minimum wage paycheck. Need less to say I have a cluster fuck to work with. There is the I pay my union dues and have been here so long even if I don’t help with the work they still cant fire me. Dude we are both working the same shitty job for an 8-hour shift help with the work checklist and stop being such a fag. Take it from me do not work at a shitty job, it will drive you crazy and cause you nothing but grief although money is nice to have I would take my sanity over a paycheck any day.

The gas station dude.