There are many different approaches to be taken to become a successful failure. Depending on how miserably you would like to fail, depends on the effort given to become a failure.
The first step you need to take is to decide on a college to drop out of. Dropping out will not be your initial purpose of attending this institution. Your dreams of success and achievement will be ruined when you are met with the harsh reality of what it means to do actual work. You pick a community school because you spent your savings on a bad day at the casino in search of quick and easy fortune. Notice that quick and easy only happens to the lucky and the French. You are obviously unlucky to be in your situation and you would not speak of your French heritage even if your name was Pierre.An out of county school might be best for your circumstances. That way nobody will know you enough care that your GPA is lower than your BAC. The extra distance will also burn a lot more gas which will be another reason for your withdrawal.
Enroll in just enough classes to become a full time student so you are still under your parent’s health insurance. Pick classes you know are too advanced and are all part of different major curriculums such as Intro to Cinema, the Islamic Scriptures, Piano1, and Oral Hygiene. This will ensure that you never graduate with a degree and you can take your time at failing because that is the only way out. 8 AM classes are ideal for the avid partier, especially on Mondays. Either come in to class hung-over or do not come in at all.
There are a few methods of failing that are popular with today’s youths. The first is the slacker method. It is the easiest and the least creative. You first must decide whether or not to attend your next class. It will not matter either way because you have accepted eventual defeat in due time. If you do choose to attend class, do not bring a pen because it might tempt you into doing work. The modern slacker uses class time to catch up on missed sleep because they were up all night mentally exploring the galaxy. Keep track of your absences. Once you are over the limit for a particular class, you will have to find another place to slack.
Following these steps religiously will certainly lead to your termination from your chosen college institution. These same tactics can also be applied to high school, court, job interviews, and any other place that requires its attendees to be punctual and motivated.