Cups numbered ten on opposing sides,
Beer flowing like the swelling tides.
Not too much, it is early yet, hold it, hold it:
Pong, pong, pong.

A majestic pyramid laid horizontal, balls soaring,
Gravity paints a furious arc as spheres slice through air,
Whoosh! Clang! Kerplunk.
Rerack twice, whenever is nice… for me.
Bounces are two but can be denied like “shoo, fly. Shoo.”
Pong, pong… pong!

If elbows cross the table, your shot is not able
to be counted.
As in the velvety darkness of the bedroom,
hos may blow and guys finger, yes, faster now –
But if a made cup should linger,
an assault could lead you to suffocating words:
“Game Over."

Dry your eyes when no cups remain,
Arriving fast, the Redemption Train:
Chugga chugga choo choo, chugga chugga brew.
Climb aboard and do your best,
But if you fail the test, bear the shame –
The “P” pops from lips puckered with pain.
Pong, p-pong, p-p-pong!

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