The people want more Sarah Schneider. And even though it's really awkward to interview someone you work with everyday, the people get what they want. Check out my interview with Sarah!

Who is the second funniest girl on the site (You being number one)
Oh, stop. Definitely Elaine Carroll. I have such a crush on her. Melanie Ethand is a close second, and Dan Gurewitch is third.

You are one of five girls in an office of forty, what's it like being such a minority? See for yourself.

Who is the creepiest writer to work with? Probably Streeter, but only because he offers to show me his balls every five minutes regardless of what we’re working on.

He does that with me too… What's your favorite part about your job here? Being able to wear Heelys all day.

How many people in this office have you banged? Does anal count? Jay kay, none.

How about made out with? 40.

Nice. You get a lot of love in the comments section, do you have a favorite commenter? I love Cody Arant and Chris Richman. And I have to give a shout-out to my bfff (boyfriend for life) Kevin.

What if I told you I just bought Cody Arant a plane ticket and he'll be in New York City tonight. You and I both know that he would spend the night with you.

Touche. (Points to the sky) Love you Cody! Anyway, do you have a boyfriend? Not exactly.

Interesting. What do you look for in a guy? This is randomly the hardest question. Someone who is taller than me.

Check. Cute.

Check. Has good dental hygiene.

Double Check. And has never had frosted tips.

(Pause) Uhh. (Shifts uncomfortably) And funny.

What are you implying? And no children.

Fine, fine. Forget it. Let's drop this topic, What's your favorite kind of thing to write for the site? I like absurdist conversational humor. Kind of like this interview, am I right??

True that! (High five) What's your favorite update on CollegeHumor? Dude, no way. That’s like choosing a favorite sibling. That is, if you have more than one sibling and all your siblings are equally funny, and if you chose one sibling over the other you’re pretty sure the latter is going to set your desk on fire. Yeah, just like that.

Picture? We have PICTURES on this site? Brb.

Video? Definitely the fat kid on the rollercoaster. I could watch that video for days. And HAVE.

What did you ask for for Christmas this year? Ugh, I’m about to expose myself as the biggest nerd ever. An external hard drive.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Are you seriously asking me this?

Yes. Um, I had cereal. Life, my favorite.

What did we get for dinner last night? Chicken cheesesteaks.

How good were they? Really fucking good.

Did it make you shit? Jake, girls don’t poop. That being said, yes, almost immediately.

Me too. But wasn't it worth it? Definitely. The diet starts Tuesday, right guys?

What are you doing this Saturday? Are you asking me on a date via interview? I’m going to a kickass dance party, wanna come and grind on my backside?

Can't, I'm getting my tips frosted. Gross.

Umm… What's your favorite kind of cereal? I just…I mean, I just answered that, like, five minutes ago. Is this thing on?

Fuck. Do you like the original or peanut M&M's? None of the above. I like the peanut butter ones.

When did you lose your virginity? Hmm, let’s see. I think I was—

Ok, ok, don't answer that- uhh, do you like soup? 19. Wait, what? Soup? I’m confused. You are the worst interviewer ever.