This week we salute Tarell Brown, starting cornerback for the defending national champs University of Texas Longhorns.

For those out there not completely up-to-date on the Tarell Brown story, allow us to recap using only the most important details.

Tarell Brown. 1.1 ounce blunt. 9mm pistol. Driving erratically. 2:48am Monday morning. Tasered in the chest. Twice.

Sure, he's going to miss the game of the year this weekend, #2 Texas vs. #1 Ohio State but we urge you to think long term. You think there's a wide receiver in America who stands a chance against somebody so battle tested he's been tasered in the chest twice? Can you possibly imagine how much that does for your street cred? Imagine getting tasered in the chest once, then double that.

Yes, you're going to hear lots of negatives surrounding Tarell Brown in the next couple of days. "College Football Experts" will sit atop their wooden thrones, (built by Home Depot) and attempt to tarnish this man's reputation. Experts with names like Lee Korso and Kirk Herbstreet will stare at TV cameras and with a straight face tell you that this is a troubled young man. That he is ruining a great career.

Let's see them say that with a 9mm pointing between their eyebrows. Ever felt the hot end of a pistol press against your neck, mother fucker? Didn't think so.

In conclusion, this guy is a stud, both on and off the field and now has a criminal record to prove it. If you are in a College Football Fantasy league that gives bonus points for drug and weapons possessions, Brown is a #1 pick, with upside.