Be Hated on CollegeHumor


Be French Canadian

2) Always be the "f.i.r.s.t." person to comment on any picture, regardless of how old it is.

3) Post crappy pictures, then complain that they're not National Picks

4) Repost the same crappy picture until it finally gets National Pick'd.

5) Complain. This you can do to just about anything. Examples are, "Her boobies look gross," "Its COLLEGEhumor, not HIGHSCHOOLunfunny," and "Your mother sucks cocks in hell."

6) Never say anything relevant or funny in your comments. If possible say the same nonsense on every picture.

7) Make creepy sexual comments to the pseudo-lesbians, or any female at all for that matter.

8) See the reply button? Ignore it.

Be Loved on CollegeHumor


Make your display picture a hot chick, and use a girl's name. It doesn't matter if you're really a guy, nobody will know.

2) Once you've built a reputation as "hot girl," make pseudo-lesbian comments. This is easier if you are really a guy.

3) Make funny comments, and post good pictures, prefferably of your boobies (remember, you're a hit chick). Remember, a tease shot will only make them want you more.

Get one of the following people to say they like you: Katie Marino, Mr. Kreeg, GaTekChiclet, Alice from BC, or anybody with "CH Staff" in their name.

5) Comment a lot, but don't post pointless bullshit. The more posts you have out there, the more face-time you have with your adoring public who longs to see your boobies.

6) Always remember to use the reply button.

7) When relevant, make pop culture references about your childhood. People love to speak nostalgically, and are eager to tell you how much they loved Global Guts. Give them their chance.

8) Suppliment picture uploads with witty, funny updates. Do not make long lists about lesser known sterotypes. Short and sweet is better than long and boring.