Zack Henderson (AKA Zack, The Lego Maniac) died late Thursday night in a mental institution outside New Haven, Connecticut. He is survived by his estranged wife, Blythe and his 10-year-old son, Martin, who was of course made out of Legos.

Fans will of course remember Zack from a series of Lego related commercials in the mid-80’s that exploited Zack’s Lego based insanity.

In 1989 when Lego dropped the severely disturbed Zack as a promotional tool for their company he spiraled into an even deeper pit of Lego based mental illness. Trying to correct his affliction he entered intensive therapy where even top psychologists concurred that he was still and will remain a “Lego Maniac”.

In 2000 he was arrested in Lake Winnipesaukee for attacking a kindergarten class in attempt to steal more Legos. In the attack he lost an eye and also captured the heart of Blythe Williams the kindergarten teacher that he assaulted. Their romance flourished until it became clear that Zach was only using her for her access to Legos. She disappeared in 2005 and was never seen again; police still believe that Zach was responsible for her death.

In 2006, Zach was found living under the 4th street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles in a small Lego structure with his “son” Martin. He was admitted into New Promises Rehab facility and never received a single visitor till his death. Zack was 25.

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