1. I wonder if there's anyone out there that gets off to this? I know I love girls rolling around in the mud farting, but does anyone else?
  2. Yo, bro, I could totally kick your ass… As long as I have this ridiculous 8 year old on my side.
  3. Finally, a funny sketch from SNL. Am I right?!
  4. Football players are big and strong and make me feel insecure about myself. Which is why I like this video of them looking bad.
  5. Remember that awesome Jay and Silent Bob rap?

Awesome Updates

Patty G tells us how to fail out of college. As if you didn't already know.
Great toast from Lucas.
Andy spoils a ton of movies!

Pic of the Day

Don't Forget

Today is a big matchup. This literally might be the only time girls this hot need you for anything. So do what they want, man! VOTE NOW!