K-Fed and Sergey are at a party, K-Fed approaches the bar where Sergey is standing.

K-Fed: Yo, yo, how you doin?
Sergey: Fine, you? (Reaches out hand to greet K-Fed)
K-Fed: (Turns Segrey's handshake into an awkward hand grip and hug thing) I'm Kevin.
Sergey: Sergey.
K-Fed: Nah, son. I ain't gay. YOU'RE GAY.
Segey: No, no. My name is Sergey.
K-Fed: Ah, my bad, my bad. So, cool party, right?
Sergey: Yeah. It is.
K-Fed: What do you do Sergey?
Sergey: Well, I founded Google.
K-Fed: Never heard of it.
Sergey: … The search engine.
K-Fed: Oh, word? I got one of those too.
Sergey: Really?
K-Fed: Mine's prolly better. Know why?
Sergey: Why?
K-Fed: You can win crazy shit. Like autographed photos of me.
Sergey: That's nice.
K-Fed: Or a trip to my birthday party. (Grabs an invitation from his pocket) Actually you should come.
Sergey: I mean, I just met you.
K-Fed: It's cool, I have a ton of extras. Come on, please?
Sergey: Maybe.
K-Fed: Anywayz. You ever hear my song, Popozao?
Sergey: I'm not-
K-Fed: It's a pretty good jam.
Sergey: That's-
K-Fed: (Rapping) Po, Po, Po, Po, Popoz