1:12am March 18th 2007
Abel Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I, Resident Assistant Bradley, responded to a call from the RD about a noise complaint on the 2nd floor (The ROTC floor). I arrived on the floor to see a resident passed out on the floor in military fatigues in the middle of the doorway, pants around his ankles with his behind in the air. Resident Assistant Faulk, the male RA on the floor said that there was a suspicion of drinking in room 244. I told RA Faulk to attend to the passed out resident on the floor. I knocked on room 244 and could here Nickelback’s “Far away” blasting from the stereo.
The music was lowered and a resident asked, “Who the fuck is it?” I responded, saying this was the active RA on duty and that the door needs to be opened.
After a few minutes of hearing muffled voices, I knocked on the door again. The door opened, and resident Flowers of the 2nd floor greeted me in full fatigues and a gasmask. He said that they were just practicing a drill and the loud music was used to simulate how loud a combat zone would be. There were five (5) other students in the room, all dressed in camo fatigues and wearing gas masks except for a female, who was wearing a camo bikini and a gasmask. There were American flags and pro Bush posters everywhere. I entered the room and noticed the screen on the window was broken. I looked out the window to see about a case worth of beer cans splattered on the sidewalk below. Resident Flowers said, “That’s not ours. We’re in ROTC. We don’t drink. We just broke the window by accident”. I asked to see inside the fridge. The residents told me that that was not going to be an issue and said that I should leave. As I was exiting to call CS, a resident regurgitated inside of his gasmask. I exited the room and called campus security, which responded very quickly. They entered the room and opened the fridge to find many canteens filled with alcohol. Also, the girl in the bikini was only 15 years old. Because it was Resident Flowers’ room, he was asked to go with CS for further questioning and also to fill out a police report. As he was being hauled off, he said, “You should be thanking me. I’m protecting our country. I’m a hero”. Let it be noted that resident Flowers is a first year student in the ROTC program, who hasn’t seen any military action.
As for the resident who was passed out in the hallway, he was taken to detox where he spend 12 hours. He received an M.I.P. and was given 24 hours of community service. At his interview with the RD, when asked why he made such bad choices of drinking in the dorms, he responded with “I was just being all I could be”.