Well, America, I'm sad to report that the British Invasion is over, and just as Peter Noone and Lulu must sail back over the pond to their flats and lifts and loos, so must Stephanie Edwards make the long journey back to wherever it is that she's from. I'm not too worried about her, though. Something tells me she's a "Survivor."

What bothers me a little more than Stephanie leaving (which I'm fine with, and predicted) is the fact that my beloved TimberFAKE was the other half of the Bottom Two. Probably because he's not a great singer, but just look at the way his eyes sparkle! Sanjaya has nothing on him! Except maybe like a bushel and a peck of hair.

So there's your Top 10: the ever-huggable TimberFAKE, pocket-sized Melinda, LaKisha and her bling, Phil and his weird alien head, Gina and her anarchy t-shirt, Chris Sligh and his lisp, the unabashedly beautiful Jordin, Blake from the future, Butterface and her mile-long legs, and Sanjaya and his fancy hairdos. Odd how their most defining features are not their voices.