[picture:1749236|size=small|align=left]A bunch of you probably saw the video clip from VH1's "Top 40 Internet Superstars" that we put up a few days ago, featuring Jeff and I making sarcastic comments about "Noah Everyday." Well if that was your cup of tea, then you're in for a treat, because the entire two-hour show airs tonight. Here's why you should watch:

1. Get the real story behind Star Wars Kid, gem sweater lady, Denny Blaze Chinese BSB and all of the other people whose embarrassment has been our delight.
2. See Jeff and I a few more times.
3. See the face of "Ask A Ninja."
4. Try to identify the clip where Jeff yawns while I'm talking (no joke, he really is that bad of a friend).
5. It's on from 8 till 10 and the bars don't get good 'til at least 11:30.

All plugging aside, even if you don't normally like VH1 talking head shows, you'll probably enjoy this one. Why? Because you're on CollegeHumor right now, which means you probably enjoy watching silly Internet videos, ergo, you'll enjoy this show. See how I did that?

And if that hasn't convinced you, just watch the damn show so Jeff and I can have our fifteen minutes of cable fame and have something to talk about at our high school reunions before we slide back into online obscurity.

VH1 Webjunk 2.0's 40 Greatest Internet Superstars airs tonight from 8-10.

Bonus: First person to comment below correctly identifying the segment where Jeff yawns while I speak will get a personalized, handwritten apology penned by Jeff the Sleepyhead himself.